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Our Services

Baidyraj Clinic provides an excellent quality services to all its patient by deeply analyzing the nature with root cause of diseases on each individual patient because each human body is different from other and function differently on different climatic condition.

Our medicines are prepared traditionally with valuable herbal's which are found in very dense forest and high hills, mountains and are very rare in nature.

Some of our services towards patient:

  •   Analyzing the nature of diseases
  •   Proper diagnose & consultation on diseases
  •   Hand made excellent herbal medicines with no side effects
  •   Preventive advice & action on diseases
  •   Maintain Confidentiality of patient's
  •   Pathological analysis of patient reports
  •   Herbal Medicine through post and couriers in safe packages for out door patient's
  •   Telephonic & E-mail consultation for out door patient's
  •   Satisfactory Consultation on Sexual diseases for Both Men & Women
  •   Consultation for Child less Couple
  •   Satisfactory Consultation for Healthy & Happy Married Life