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Spermatorrhoea (Dhaturog)

Dhaturog or Spermatorrhoea, also known as wet dreams, is a male sexual problem characterized by involuntary seminal discharge or emission either while passing urine or while passing stool when straining due to constipation. In few cases, the semen passes even before urination or also mixed with urine.

This sort of discharge usually takes place without sexual stimulation and orgasm. Some amount of seminal emission is considered quite normal in a male who does not indulge in frequent sexual union. But when the number of seminal emissions shoots up abnormally, it becomes a problem. A male who suffers from excessive seminal emission or spermatorrhoea, may experience the following side-effects: headache, back ache, lethargy, dizziness, weak eyesight, excessive sweating, limbs tremor, palpitations, insomnia, depression, low libido, physical weakness and so on. The phenomenon of Spermatorrhoea usually takes place in the early hours of morning. Spermatorrhoea is more of a symptom than a disease. Spermatorrhoea is more common among adolescent males.


The possible Spermatorrhoea triggers are:

  1. Weakness of the Nervous System
  2. Feebleness of urinary and genital organs
  3. Over-masturbation habits
  4. Sexual dissatisfaction
  5. Over-indulgence in erotic thoughts
  6. Testicular irritation due to tightness of the fore skin
  7. Narrow urethral exit
  8. Disorders of the rectum like piles, fissures, worms and eruptions of the skin
  9. Full bladder
  10. Testosterone based medications
  11. Stimulation due to contact with mattresses or blankets.
Risk Factors

This ailment (Dhaturog or Spermatorrhoea ) should not be ignored at all and should be treated as soon as possible since it disturbs the whole Nervous System and may cause impotency (Infertility).


Oligospermia, Necrospermia , AstheroSpermia all these kind of disorders of the sperms can only be treated by Ayurveda effectively .In fact maximum types of Dhaturog (Sperm Related diseases or Spermatorrhoea ) can only be cured safely by Ayurvedic Medcines & Therapies.

These Involuntary discharge of semens during urination or defecation leads to many types of sperm related & libido related weakness later in life.So it is advise to get a proper treatment's if you are suffering of that. It can only be treated and further prevented only by Natural herbal Ayurvedic Medicines.