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Ayurveda is an ancient Medicine system which is originated in India more than 5000 years ago.According to Hindu mythology Ayurveda is an Medicine system which is created by God and gifted to human being through the help of Nature(prakriti).Ayurveda pass through many periods of ancient times and tested thoroughly by our Rishi's who wrotes their research works on Ayurveda in the forms of Veda's . Ayurveda is a Natural Healers and AYUR means("Life") &VEDA means("Science") so it is called as "THE SCIENCE OF LIFE"

Ayurveda was the only source of Medicine System in the ancient times when there was no Medical, Hospitals, Etc exist in the world. Ayurveda was practiced in the Ashrama's of Rishi's who lives in very dense forest and high hills as they found the remedy of many diseases lies in the roots of the Nature. Ayurveda was transform to the generation's with the helps of many Ayurved acharya (professors of Ayurveda). CHARAKA & SUSRUTA were the two well known Ayurveda acharya who practiced and did many research work in Ayurveda, which were mention in their manuscript "CHARAKA SAMHITA" & "SUSRUTA SAMHITA".

Treatment Basics

Human Body is a composition of Blood Plasma, Blood Muscles, Fats, Bone, BoneMarrow, Skin & Vital fluids but it is balanced mainly by three roots of Energy System found in the Human Body known as TRIDOSAS i.e.

  1. Pitta (Fire)
  2. Kapha (Water)
  3. Vata (Vayu)

Vata (Vayu)

In Ayurveda Vata is consider as Nervine-An Energy which is very important & it is the root cause of almost 80(eighty) types of diseases & it can also create many compicated diseases without any reason.

Pitta (Fire)

Pitta is called as fire energy or Catabolic energy which is mainly responsible for digestion, temperature regulation ,colouration,vision & ageing.It can alone create 40(fourty)types of diseases & with the help of Vata it may create numerous complications.

Kapha (Water)

Kapha is called nutritive energy ,it is maily responsible for maintainace of the body it purify the all Body Parts & helps mainly in mobility of the joints as well as digestion.It can alone create 20(Twenty) types of diseases & with the help of Vata & Pitta it may create numerous Complication.

So ,if human body have a certain disease then it will disturbed the body Energy Sytem i.e Vata,Pitta , Kapha & Vice Versa.

Ayurveda believes if the Root Cause is cured then the disease must have to leave the body which is true as "SUN RISE IS THE EAST".

With many basics principals of Ayurvedic treatment ,Our Baidya's(Doctors of Ayurveda) first evaluates the Nadi of the patient & then the types of Disease,the type of the body i.e Prakriti of the patient , the environment in which the disease was created & the diet of the patient , so with all sorts of history we get into the reach & reason of the disease.

With such composition of knowledge we measure the disease and prepare the Ayushada's(Herbal Medicine) for the patient accordingly because every human body function's differently under varying condition of nature.

So it is greatly believe that if any Ayurvedic Practioners(Baidyaraj's) follow such instructions properly & genuinely then any disease on human body can not only be cured but also be prevented.